The Advantages of Men Homosexuality

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It’s amazing how many people believe that the advantages of men homosexual are far less than the opposite. Many say that it’s far from being an advantage because it leads to the person being a closeted member of the community. But that is not true. It would only lead to discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation, and not the sexual activity itself. People should have the freedom to be who they want to be and if they can’t then they should at least have the option of not being who they are.

One of the best advantages of men being homosexual is the fact that their orientation has not been discovered or confirmed as such. No one has ever said that a gay man is a sinner or that he is tainted by his orientation. In order for someone to become a homosexual he must have developed it early on in life, during the development stages of puberty. And this is one of the many advantages of men being homosexual. If they didn’t discover their orientation at an early age then they would not be able to come out to the world as a homosexual man.

Another advantage of a man being homosexual is that it allows him the option of not giving in to outside influences. This is something which is very important for a man to realize. For a long time in history the sodomites were the minority in our society but now the majority lives in a very small community. Because of this it is possible for a homosexual man to not give into peer pressure to the extent that he might otherwise have done. So he can go on being his authentic self and his own man.

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